Mystical Haven

Within this haven you will find,
You've journeyed here, inside my mind.
I hope by reading this you will see,
A little slice of what I call me.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

...because of you...

Every day of our lives we meet people. Some are mere aquaintences, like the guy you pay at the grocery store register whom you may never see again, others we may become casual friends with. But every now and then we meet someone we are lucky enough to call a "good friend." Of this group of "good" friends we have, we may be lucky in our lifetime if we find a select few who we would consider to be "best" friends. It is when we find these rare relationships we realize that we have reached a treasured moments in our lives. We know we have found someone who will laugh with us, cry with us, share our secrets and even go so far as to embarass themselves with us during our most vulnerable times. If luck is REALLY on our side we might even just find love a time or two...but it is the VERY lucky ones who stumble upon this level of relationship. You find that person who will put up with your cranky side and your independant side and give and take with you through the ups and downs. But the rarest of all finds, the diamond in a field of dust is when you find your soulmate. Very few people ever find this level of relationship though most of us spend our entire lives looking for it. These are the relationships where you live to hear your other half breath at night. You finish each others sentences and couldn't even begin to imagine life without him or her. You may be together for 5..10...25...50 years or more and yet you still feel the jittery butterflies of your first date and you can't imagine what your world was ever like without them. I have been one of the very few people in this world who can honestly say that I have truly found a man who was an acquaintence, then a good friend, my best friend, the love of my life and ultimately my soul mate. It is for him that I write this entry.

I love him with all of my being, and would do anything in the world for him. He is my strength, my confidant, my lover, my buddy, my wonderful husband. I can honestly say that in my 31 years on this earth, meeting, falling in love with and marrying him are what I consider to be the greatest things that have happened to me. We compliment each other in every way and it is because of him that I am the person I've become. He works hard every day to give me everything I could ever want or need without ever complaining or wanting anything for himself. He puts up with my many mood swings without ever losing his temper or saying a bad word towards me. He has supported me in everything I've ever wanted to do. He has lifted me up in my triumph's and picked me up from my setbacks and has never once expected anything in return. He is everything I've ever wanted in a man and so very much more than I'd ever hoped to find in a husband. I could never imagine sharing my life with anyone but him and I can honestly say that I had never known true love until I met my wonderful, beautiful, awesome husband. I tell him I love him everyday but I don't always thank him for all the wonderful things he does and for being the wonderful man that he is and I wanted to take this opportunity to do just that.

Thank you Rod! Thank you for being there for me, for loving me, for taking care of me, for making all my dreams come true and thank you for being the wonderful man you are. I am a better person because of you and I just wanted you to know that I appreciate you and admire you and nothing could ever change that. I'm proud to have a man that complete's me the way you do and I'm so thankful to be able to call you my soulmate, because you truly are my everything. I love you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul.


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