Mystical Haven

Within this haven you will find,
You've journeyed here, inside my mind.
I hope by reading this you will see,
A little slice of what I call me.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Feeling good, one step at a time…

So I started geocaching again today. Something I have not done in WAY TOO LONG! Decided to do something new with it though, we (the hubby, the pup & I) decided on a few local caches and walked to all of them. It was only about two miles round trip but I have to say that the walking definately made me feel GREAT and got me motivated to get moving. I am a little bit sore from not being active for so long, but now that I have accomplished this rather small feat, I am ready to keep going. I have marked the distance to a nice little local park and have made a pledge to walk or bicycle to it as often as I can (aiming for 3x/week minimum) and to resume my yoga and cardio routine as well. I have been on a good path to weight loss the past few months and know that the extra boost I need right now in my journey is that of physical activity. Going into the cooler weather and my favorite of all seasons, fall, I am more energized than ever. I WILL reach my weight loss/fitness goals this year and will hopefully live a happier more fulfilling life because of it. Kudos to me for getting back on the right track!

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Alone in the dark…

So here it is, 7:15am and I have yet to find sleep for another night. What is it about this great state of slumber that eludes me? I cannot answer that question. For my mind is found wandering alone at night. In the quiet stillness where only imagination and an utter state of delusion lead me along the pitch trail of solitude and lonliness. Searching for answers hidden under rocks, hovering upon the dew drops and even high above the clouds. Floating, flipping, turning as restless as myself. Dazed and dizzy, yet vibrantly alive and yearning to find the questions that have led to all of these answers, now jumbled in my mind. Moving forth with no abandon… my sanity, my only compass, now weathered and stained. Naked and vulnerable is the darkness around me as my soul is within this insomniac shell. I see the dawn breaking, my eyes grow heavy despite my desperate attempts to watch the rising sun. I shall sleep softly now ’til the sun sinks slowly back into the earth, or some other calling beckons me from my dreams…